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My Alphabet House



Learning the ABCs takes a new twist with this letter game that gets your child scrambling off the chair and on a mission! Best of all, it helps develop many skills in your child's brain all at once.

How To

What You’ll Need:

  • 8-½ x 11 piece of paper or construction paper
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Pen, marker, or pencil


Draw the outline of a letter on the paper and cut it out. Give the letter to your child and walk around the house and yard together. Ask your child to find objects that start with the letter. Each time he finds an object, write it down on a list. Place the list and the letter on the fridge or bulletin board when you're done.

You can add some music to make it even more fun. Find as many objects as you can before the music stops!


This Activity Helps Your Child’s Brain Develop:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Memory