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Many California children are raised in multi-language homes and others learn more than one language through school curriculum. Studies show that learning a second language is good for the brain and can reap personal and professional benefits later in life. It's like a form of mental exercise where no matter what language a person is speaking at the moment, both languages are active in the brain.

It's never too soon for a child to learn a second language. In fact, the earlier you introduce a second language, the easier it will be for your child to pick it up.

Book _iconWays to Help Your Child Expand Dual Language Skills:

  • Let your child read books in different languages and take her to dual language reading groups at the library.
  • Play children's music in multiple languages. Catchy songs played over and over again help a child learn and understand new words and concepts.
  • Puzzles, maps, and other games are often available in different languages. Join dual language playgroups and encourage your child to talk with other kids her age in different languages.

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