Franco, Orson, and Melody Want You to Talk. Read. Sing.


Three feathered friends. Three important messages. Introducing First 5 California’s Brainy Birds: Franco, Orson, and Melody! They’re fun to watch – but more importantly, each of them flew in with an important story to share with families across California.

Speaking two languages is extra cool.  Gracias and thank you, it can help you in school.Franco, the Talking Parrot

Franco the Parrot likes to talk, talk, talk.  When he’s on his perch, hear him squawk, squawk, squawk.  He talks about the weather, the rain, and the heat.  He talks about all the healthy foods you can eat.  He just flew in from Mexico City, speaking Spanish and English, and sounding quite witty.  Franco just loves to share lots of words. And wants all parents to be just like the birds.  So TALK with your babies right from day one, and visit here to learn how talking can be fun.


Reading together can be such a hoot!  It makes us smart, there's no dispute!Orson, the Reading Owl

Orson the Owl likes to read, read, read.  He knows reading books is what you need.  He came from England on a slow big ship, and read a hundred books on that long, long trip.  He’s read so much, it’s made him very wise.  Thousands of words have crossed in front of his eyes.  Orson loves to read and learn new words, and wants all parents to be just like the birds.  So READ, READ, READ any chance you see, use these downloadable books to start for free.


You remember words better when you sing them, you see.  And singing is fun!  I'm sure you agree.Melody, the Singing Songbird

Melody the Songbird loves to sing, sing, sing.  She sings day and night, it’s just her thing.  She’s from California, where once upon a time, she heard her very first nursery rhyme.  She flaps her little wings from the high treetops.  She’s a lovely soprano and she sings nonstop.  Melody sing songs and she learns lots of words. And wants all parents to be just like the birds.  So SING, SING, SING with your kids every day.  Visit our Pandora station and start right away!

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