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"Anthem" TV Commercial 2014

Kids who are talked to early and often develop larger vocabularies, do better in school and make better choices.

"Successful Future" TV Commercial 2014

It is never to early to start talking, reading and singing to your baby.

First 5 California Celebrates 15 Years for Kids

We're committed to supporting the healthy development of children from birth through age 5. Watch our video to learn more.

Nurturing Your Baby's Brain

Science and brain scans show that the first 3 years of life are critical for a child's brain development, which starts right at birth. Learn how to help your baby reach his or her potential!

President Obama's Message to Parents & Caregiver

Listen to President Obama discusses the importance of early childhood education and why you should Talk. Read. Sing. to your child from day one.

Hilary Clinton's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, explain the importance of talking, ready, and singing with your child from an early age to promote healthy brain development.

Senator Bill Frist's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Senator Bill Frist discuss the importance of building a strong vocabulary from a young age by talking, reading, and singing to your child.

Cindy McCain's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Cindy McCain describe the importance of educating your child from the earliest years of life to prepare him or her for future years of learning.

Be A Healthy Eating Champion

LA Lakers star Derek Fisher joins First 5 California to talk about why eating healthy and staying active are key to ensuring a healthy future for all children.

Kids to Stay Active!

First 5 California teams up with LA Galaxy soccer stars Todd Dunivant, Sean Franklin, Rafael Garcia and Hector Jimenez to show kids fun and easy ways to stay physically active.

Water and Milk Are the Best Drinks for Kids

First 5 California encourages families to make healthy choices like offering water and milk to your child instead of sugary beverages like soda, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

Keeping Kids Physically Active Can Be Simple and Fun

Simple activities like building a fort with your baby can help develop motor skills, muscle strength, social and emotional growth, and more.

First 5 California Offers tips for Raising A Reader

First 5 California encourages parents to read to their child everyday from infancy to help build strong literacy skills.