Healthy Body, Healthy Brain Brochure

Eating healthy and being active isn't just great for the body - it's great for the brain, too!

Fast, Fresh, and Fun

Download First 5's free new cookbook to try healthy and easy recipes for the whole family.

Protein! Coloring Sheet

Learn what lean meats are filled with protein and healthy for your child.

Dairy! Coloring Sheet

Cheese please! See why you should include cheese and milk in your child's diet.

Fruits and Veggies! Coloring Sheet

Color in these fruits and veggies and learn why avocado is a great food for kids of all ages.

Milk and Water! Coloring Sheet

Color in the milk and water and learn how they are the best option for thirsty kids.

Whole Grains! Coloring Sheet

Learn different whole grains you can feed your child throughout the day.

Sticker Calendar

Make healthy eating and exercise more fun for your kids!

Learning Center

Talk. Read. Sing.

You can impact your child’s brain development from day one.

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Quit smoking for good.

Learn about free counseling and referral services.

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