Diapering Tips

Check out this fact sheet from First 5 San Joaquin for quick tips to help keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy!

First 5 California Resources for Parents of Children 0 to 5

Download this helpful resource to find phone numbers and websites for parents of children 0 to 5. Spanish information available unless otherwise noted.

Three Brainy Birds Spreading the Word

Introducing the story behind First 5 California's Brainy Birds: Franco, Orson, and Melody!

Water Safety

Drowning is silent. Knowing the facts can save a life.

1, 2, 3, Count With Me!

Try this fun activity to talk with your child about numbers in your home!

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain Brochure

Eating healthy and being active isn't just great for the body - it's great for the brain, too!

Milestone Moments

Follow your child's development by watching how he or she plays, learns, speaks, and acts. This handy guide is a must-have!

Road Trips Made Easier

Fun and stimulating road trip activities for a range of age groups!

Brain Development Facts

Babies who are talked to and read to from the time they're born are better prepared by the time they start school.

Fast, Fresh, and Fun

Download First 5's free new cookbook to try healthy and easy recipes for the whole family.

Potter the Otter Puppet

Now your kids can have their own Potter the Otter puppet and create their own adventures!

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See how many words you can uncover in this Potter word search.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See if you can see what is different about Potter and his friends.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheets

Download 12 activities, including connect the dots, coloring sheets, and more.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See how many items you can find that are wrong in the picture.

It's Picnic Day, Potter!

Follow Potter the Otter and his friends as they prepare for a healthy picnic.

Coloring Sheet

Color Potter the Otter and his friends drinking healthy water.

Healthy Nutrition & Exercise Coloring Sheets

Print out these 10 sheets for the kids to color and learn fun and easy ways to grow up healthy!

Protein! Coloring Sheet

Learn what lean meats are filled with protein and healthy for your child.

Play Ball! Coloring Sheet

Help your kids color in the soccer player and learn more about the importance of play.

Dance! Coloring Sheet

Dancing is a great way to get kids moving and having fun at the same time!

Dairy! Coloring Sheet

Cheese please! See why you should include cheese and milk in your child's diet.

Follow the Leader! Coloring Sheet

Follow the Leader is a great way to keep kids engaged in physical activity while having fun!

Fruits and Veggies! Coloring Sheet

Color in these fruits and veggies and learn why avocado is a great food for kids of all ages.

Jump! Coloring Sheet

Color in the jumping girl and then jump in real life with your child!

Potter the Otter: A Tale About Water Children's Storybook

Let Potter the Otter show you why water is the healthiest drink for growing kids.

Milk and Water! Coloring Sheet

Color in the milk and water and learn how they are the best option for thirsty kids.

Whole Grains! Coloring Sheet

Learn different whole grains you can feed your child throughout the day.

Yoga! Coloring Sheet

Stretching is a great way for young kids to develop flexibility and balance.

The Power of Play

Children learn through play. Here are some fun games you can play together

Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth

Find out more about how to help your child learn in the early years.

Beware of Lead Poisoning

Learn how to protect your child from the dangers of lead poisoning.

Smoking Dangers Fact Sheet

Learn about the dangers of smoking around children and how to get help.

Connect the Dots

Draw from point to point to reveal Potter the Otter.

Reading Tips Bookmark

Use this bookmark to keep your place when reading together as a family.

Keep Smoking Out! Door Hanger

Declare your home a non-smoking zone by customizing this door hanger.

Sticker Calendar

Make healthy eating and exercise more fun for your kids!

Learning Center

Talk. Read. Sing.

You can impact your child’s brain development from day one.

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Free Downloads

Quit smoking for good.

Learn about free counseling and referral services.

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