Bubble Fun

Bubble, bubble, pop! Bubbles are a fun and easy way to play with your baby.

Mother blowing bubbles with daughter

Supplies List
  • Baby-safe soap

  • Water

  • Optional: bubble liquid and wand

  1. In a sink, bowl, or bath tub, put a small amount of water and baby-safe soap that makes bubbles. As the water mixes with the soap to make bubbles, use your finger to pop the bubbles one by one. Encourage your baby to do the same by telling her, “Bubble, bubble...pop!” and/or gently helping pop the bubbles with her finger or hand. If your baby slaps the bubbles with her whole hand, that’s okay! Copy how she does it – it may get messy, but it’ll be a lot of fun.

  2. If you have a bubble wand, you can blow bubbles yourself and offer to have your baby blow through the wand after she sees how you do it.

  3. As you are playing with the bubbles, describe them: are they big or small? Do they have colors in them? You can also count the bubbles together. 

This activity helps your child develop fine motor skills, listening skills, language skills, sensory skills, early math skills, and social-emotional skills.

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