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Grasping and Reaching

Before babies start walking, they're building their core muscle strength by stretching, rolling, and crawling. By placing a favorite object just outside of your child's reach, you'll encourage him to get to it any way he can!

Baby laying down reaching for blue ball
Supplies List
  • Brightly colored balls

  • Board books

  • Stuffed animals

  • Favorite toy, or yourself

  1. Lay your baby on his back or stomach and place the object just beyond his reach. Encourage him by smiling and clapping your hands as he moves his arms, hands, and/or legs to reach the object. Once your newborn reaches the object with his arms or legs, repeat this activity. If your child gets frustrated, move the object closer.

  2. Similarly, at first your newborn may reach out to grasp your finger. You can put your finger just a bit away from your newborn’s hand to encourage your newborn to practice grasping. Pull your finger away playfully and encourage your newborn to grasp it again.

This activity helps your newborn develop motor skills, sensory skills, and social skills.

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