I Spy
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There’s so much to explore around us – even at home! This simple game helps your baby learn everything that surrounds her.

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Supplies List:
  • You and your baby


As you are holding your baby, start pointing out what you see around you by saying, “I spy…” When you choose something to “spy,” be sure to point to it and bring it close to your baby. Describe it using colors, textures, function, and experience. Have fun with it too! Let your baby reach out and touch it (if it is safe to do so). Your baby can experience the chosen object herself, which you can describe as she is doing it. You can label and talk about what your baby does with the object once you bring it within her distance.

As you continue to do this, see if your baby starts to anticipate your words when you start saying “I spy…” Your baby may even learn to point to things, hoping you will start the “I Spy” game!

This activity helps your baby develop motor, language, social-emotional, and cognitive skills.

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