Name Art
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For preschoolers, learning how to write their name is a big deal! This activity helps your child practice this important school readiness skill while having lots of fun.

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Supplies List:
  • Paper and/or cardboard 

  • Colored markers or pens

  • Stickers

  1. On a piece of paper or cardboard cutout, write your child’s name in large empty block letters. Your preschooler may even be able to trace the outline of the letters themselves – if so, let your child take charge! As you or your child write the letters out, say the letters aloud and make the letter sound together.

  2. Show your child how to fill in each letter in their name. Following directions is a helpful skill for kindergarten, so giving your child clear, simple directions for how to decorate each letter is one way to teach them to follow directions. You can also come up with how to decorate each letter together. Here are some ideas:

  • Color the letters in with different colors. Your child can make a pattern with alternating colors (like red, yellow, red, yellow). 

  • Fill in each letter with a different shape, like dots or stripes. 

  • Make a rainbow with the letters so each letter is a different color of the rainbow or parts of each letter are different colors of the rainbow.

  • Place stickers in or along the lines of each letter.

  • Draw pictures of other things that start with the same letter inside the letter (for example, draw a cat inside the letter C for Cassie).

Be sure to hang up the final art project so your child can continue to practice saying, writing, and pointing out their name and the letters in it! 

This activity helps your child develop fine motor, language, early writing, cognitive, and early math skills.

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