Sensory Play
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You can introduce your baby to different textures and teach him about his senses. Guide your baby through simple sensory play.

infant with beanie laying on white fur carpet
Supplies List
  • Different textured fabrics (soft t-shirt, flannel blanket, etc.)

  • Different textured toys that are appropriate for baby babies

  • Water or other baby-safe liquids

  1. Hold your baby or lay/sit him down safely. Gently apply different textures on his skin – his arms, legs, hands, feet, and face. Describe how the textures feel before and while you are having your baby experience them. Note how things are different and/or similar. For example, when you touch a soft, smooth fabric on his skin, you can say, “Ooooh. Isn’t that soft? It feels nice on your skin.” Allow time for your baby to experience each texture separately.

  2. While you’re introducing these different textures to your baby, watch how he reacts. For example, if your baby doesn’t like a particular texture, he may develop different ways to get it away from him, like moving his face and body. Chances are, your baby will grasp and move toward things that feel good to him! 

This activity helps your baby develop motor skills, sensory skills, language, vocabulary, and social-emotional skills.

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