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The Guessing Game

A preschooler's brain thrives on imagination – and that's what makes this activity so much fun. By hiding an object in a bag or sock, kids need to think creatively when figuring out what's inside!

Mother playing the guessing game with son

Supplies List
  • Sock

  • Cloth or soft plastic bag

  • Items such as: toys, small child-friendly kitchen items (like a spoon or potato masher), pencil, book, comb, toothbrush

  1. Ask your child to look away and place an item in the sock or bag.

  2. Let your child touch and feel the sock or bag, and guess the object inside.

  3. Reverse roles and try to figure out what your child hides inside for you!

This activity helps your preschooler develop fine motor skills, language skills, and sensory skills.

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