Toy Parade
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Finding new ways to play with your children’s toys is important when we spend more time at home. Having a toy parade is a fun, new way to play with the toys your child already has.

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Supplies List:
  • Toys and objects from around the house

  • Music

  1. Pick out toys from around the house together. Let your child decide which toys will be in the parade and which will sit in the audience. Stuffed animals and dolls are usually popular parade choices, along with any toys on wheels – but anything goes! 

  2. Place the toys in a parade line on the floor or on a counter. Let your child decide how to organize the line – biggest to smallest, categories of types of toys, color groupings, etc. Don’t forget to designate some toys as audience members who will be watching the parade. 

  3. Start the parade! Play music and pretend that the toys are moving along in a parade line. If your child has toys with wheels, they can even serve as parade floats, transporting stuffed animals and dolls.

  4. You and/or your child can announce the toys and “host” the parade. Describe the toys as they go through the parade. Ask the toys questions and pretend they answer back. 

If your child draws and/or is starting to write letters, have your child make a sign for the parade to decorate the room for this fun activity.  

This activity helps your child develop motor, language, early writing, cognitive, social-emotional, and play skills.

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