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Developmentally Appropriate Behavior
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Is my baby supposed to act like this? Is it too early to think about parenting and behavior management?

Baby boys sitting in living room holding maracas

From three months to one year of age, babies grow and change rapidly. In fact, development during this phase is so rapid their bodies and minds are often trying to figure out what to do. That’s one reason babies tend to do things over and over, despite getting hurt, upset, or being told not to. Babies are also exploring their environments mostly through touch and interaction. Grabbing sunglasses off your face or sticking a hand into a bowl of oatmeal are all ways your baby is learning and engaging. And while babies can get easily upset, they are just as easily distracted at this age. When tears happen, comfort your baby and be ready to offer something else to do or look at. And remember: it’s okay if your baby isn’t listening or doing exactly what you say – this is the time for them to learn through experiences.

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Quick Tip: If you are concerned about your baby’s behavior, talk to your pediatrician, who is trained on what to expect throughout your baby’s development and is there to offer you advice, resources or reassurance.

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