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Kick It California: A Free Program to Help You Quit Using Tobacco

Take your first step toward quitting vaping, smoking, or using smokeless tobacco with Kick It California’s free program.

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Quitting tobacco use isn’t easy, and it can be especially challenging while dealing with the stress of parenting young children. But having support from experts throughout your quit journey can make all the difference. If you’re trying to quit smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco, Kick It California can help. This free program uses proven, science-based strategies to help you in your quit journey.

The first step in the program is connecting with a Quit Coach. You can call the toll-free number (800) 300-8086, chat with a coach online, or fill out the web form. You and your Quit Coach will then create a custom Quit Plan based on your specific needs. Throughout your quit journey, your Quit Coach will support you through key milestones to keep you motivated and help you meet your goals. You can sign up for this free program at KickItCA.org.

Kick It California’s trained Quit Coaches have helped millions of Californians of all ages, genders, and backgrounds quit tobacco and vaping for good. They also have experience helping those who are pregnant quit tobacco use. If you’re unsure whether Kick It California is right for you, give the program a call, or message the online chat to learn more about how it works.

Quitting tobacco use comes with many health benefits for you and your child. In a 9-year-long study, researchers found that when parents quit smoking before their child turned 8-years-old, it significantly reduced the chances that the child would start smoking later in life. Children are also impacted by second-hand smoke, which can cause asthma, allergies, ear infections, and eczema (a skin condition). Children need their caregivers in their lives, and tobacco use can shorten lifespans by 10 years. By quitting tobacco, you’ll also have more energy and will lower your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, stroke and ulcers.

Though the journey to quitting tobacco use is challenging, you have the ability to create a safer, nurturing environment for your child and break the cycle of tobacco use within your family. With help and support, you can join the millions of Californians who’ve overcome their nicotine addiction.

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