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Can’t keep up with your toddler? Great! Thanks to those fast-developing motor skills, your child is always on the go (and chances are, so are you!).

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When it comes to your child’s motor development, there’s one person who is more impressed and amazed than you are: your toddler! At this stage, toddlers love to learn and discover what their bodies can do. Here is what you can expect:

1-2 years

  • Stands alone and walks

  • Bounces to music and twirls around

  • Feeds self using a spoon and cup

  • Gets into sitting positionPulls toys while walking

  • Helps undress himself

2-3 years

  • Pushes self with feet while sitting on a riding toy

  • Builds towers out of blocks and molds clay into shapes

  • Kicks and throws a ball

  • Stands on tiptoes

  • Begins to run

  • Climbs furniture

  • Walks up and down stairs with help

  • Makes or copies straight lines and draws in circular motions

QUICK TIP: Gross and fine motor skills develop as your baby grows – and all children develop at their own rate. If you're concerned about your baby’s development, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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