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All women, and particularly expecting and new moms, need to take care of themselves physically by seeing a doctor regularly. Obstetricians and Gynecologists (OB/GYN) are the doctors who provide care specifically for women.

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You and your baby’s health are important to monitor and manage. Maintaining your health as a parent helps you be a better parent to your child. That is why having doctors you trust for both yourself and your baby are so critical to good health.

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Obstetricians and Gynecologists (OB/GYN) specialize in women’s health. They are doctors dedicated to helping women with all their medical needs including before, during, and after pregnancy. If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, it is important that you have an OB/GYN that you trust to help you through the pregnancy process. Here are a few important questions to think about when looking for an OB/GYN:

  1. Do I feel comfortable sharing personal information and concerns with this doctor?

  2. Does this doctor take the time to talk with me during my visit?

  3. Does this doctor or medical practice accept my insurance?

  4. Which hospitals does this doctor work with, and where can the doctor deliver my baby?

Thinking about starting a family? Just found out you’re pregnant? Prenatal care is the first step toward a healthy future for both you and your baby, and it includes medical support before and during your pregnancy. From screenings for potential medical concerns, to helping you choose which prenatal vitamins to take, your doctor will help monitor you and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy. Typically, doctor visits during pregnancy are monthly until you get closer to your due date.

For more information about prenatal care, click here.

Click here to find an OB/GYN near you or contact your medical insurance provider and ask for a list of OB/GYNs covered by your insurance in your area. 

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