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Preschooler Brain Development
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Your child’s brain develops with every activity. When children are preschool age (three to five years old), you can see them learning and growing, not only with you but with others who teach or interact with them. Here are some specific things to look for at this stage of development.

You can make the magic to help your preschooler’s brain grow! Your child’s brain began developing during pregnancy and has not stopped. So, although a brain is built over time, its most important foundations are developed very early in life. While many factors influence brain development, your regular interactions have the biggest impact – and they include talking, reading, and singing.

Preschoolers are continuing to understand the world around them – learning and doing new things all the time. It’s fun to watch their brains grow!

Things to look for at this age:
  • Matching quantities and putting things in order. Have your child put the nesting kitchen bowls in order from largest to smallest, or put out a big fork and a small fork at every seat at the dinner table.

  • Sorting things by color, shape, and/or size. If your child wants a challenge, have him or her put the blue squares in one cup and the yellow circles in another.

  • Explaining why things happen. Take the next step from describing things you see and ask your child why something happens or what will happen - when the wind blows, what will happen with the leaves and why?

  • Expanding play. Watch your child’s imagination grow and get involved by including words and emotions to narrate what you are playing or doing.

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