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Did you know that public schools provide education for children from a wide range of ages, starting from age three all the way up to age 22? Find and learn more about your local public schools, along with any educational options available for your child.

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Your child’s first experiences with early education can set the path for the elementary school years and beyond – so make them the best!

It’s never too early to start looking at what your local public schools can provide for your child. Some school districts provide preschool programs, including programs for children with special needs. To determine if a child qualifies for special education services, the school district will conduct its own assessment(s).

Before sending your child to school, it is important for you to learn about your local schools and any available educational options. You may choose your neighborhood “assigned” school, or consider other schools based on their specialties and programs. The public school system has a variety of school program options that can vary in each county and district. For example, some school districts may offer science magnet schools or schools that specialize in the arts. You can find out more about the programs available for your child by contacting your local school district. Schools and school districts often hold informational sessions for new students and families. You can ask about the process for requesting a specific school for your child if you find a school you think might be a great fit. The more you know about the options available, the better you will be able to make the right choice for you child.

Use these links to check for your local public school:

Parent Tip: Public preschool programs tend to fill up fast. Find out what’s available and when to sign up by contacting your local schools during the spring season before your child turns three years old.

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