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Speech Milestones

What should you look for in your newborn? What is normal for a newborn’s development? Here are things to look and hear for.

Newborn girl being held by mother

Talking, reading, and listening – these are all essential parts of your child's language development. As your newborn grows, watch for these early language milestones:

  • Reacts to loud sounds

  • Calms down or smiles when spoken to

  • Recognizes your voice and calms down if crying

  • When feeding, starts or stops sucking in response to sound

  • Coos and makes pleasure sounds

  • Has a special way of crying for different needs

  • Smiles when he sees you

If your newborn is not demonstrating these milestones by four months old and/or you have concerns about your newborn’s development, contact your pediatrician.

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