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Speech Milestones

Your child is now three to five years old – and chances are, you’re hearing and seeing more and more language development as your child grows. Find out what you should be looking for at this age.

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Talking, writing, reading, and listening – these are all essential parts of your child's literacy development. As your child grows, watch for these milestones:

  • Takes part in rhyming games and songs

  • Understands that books tell a story

  • Understands opposites (big-little, up-down, etc.)

  • Follows two-step directions (“Go to the kitchen and get the book”)

  • Asks “Why?”

  • Other people generally understand the words being said, especially by those who know your child well

  • Points out familiar signs and other items

  • Uses pronouns like I, you, he, and she

  • Knows some letters of the alphabet

  • Understands and uses new words quickly

  • Has a word for almost everything he needs in his daily life

  • Puts three to four words together,like "I want water.”

  • Likes listening to you reading books, and can answer basic questions and talk about what happened in the story

  • Uses words for positions or locations of things (in, on, under, etc.)

  • Says sentences with multiple actions (“You slide and swing at the park!”)

  • Engages in conversation

  • Tells a short story

If your preschooler is not demonstrating these milestones and/or you have concerns about your child’s development, contact your pediatrician.

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