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Taking Care of Yourself - Wellness
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As a parent, you have physical and emotional needs too! Taking care of your health and well-being in front of your children is a powerful way to model good behaviors. Self-care shows your children that it’s important to take care of their own well-being.

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You can’t pour from a cup that is empty.

Although your child receives a lot of focus and attention, you deserve some, too. Your wellness is necessary in order for you to be a healthy, happy, present, and loving parent.

When you haven’t taken any time for yourself, life can suddenly feel unmanageable. In order to give the best to your child and also show your child how to care for themselves, you need to take care of yourself, too.

Self-care means doing something positive and helpful for yourself – and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even reserving a few minutes to yourself each day to read a book, take a bath, or go for a run is a great start in making sure you are taking care of yourself. In the long run, self-care rituals like these will help you better tackle whatever life brings you next. Don’t forget to support your co-parenting partner in self-care, too!

It’s important for your child to see you as a human being who places health and wellness as a priority and has self interests and hobbies. Your child will watch you and learn the importance of self-prioritization. Wellness and self-care practices like these can build a strong family value of caring for oneself – and one another.

So what are some of the ways to do this? Here are a few common self-care ideas:

  • Go to the doctor for your annual check-ups.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Spend time alone or with friends.

  • Do something you love away from your children/family. This can include reading a book at the park or taking a cooking class.

  • If you have a spouse or partner, spend one-on-one time with him or her.

  • Try to get as much sleep as possible. During late night wakings and feedings, take turns with your partner, if possible.

  • Practice meditation and/or mindfulness routines to calm and center yourself.

QUICK TIP: Don’t know how to jump-start your self-care routine? Start with something small and simple – like a five-minute walk around the block by yourself, or a simple dinner date with a friend or your partner. Once you start to feel the benefits, it will become easier to integrate more self-care routines into your daily or weekly schedule.

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