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Water Safety
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From baths to swimming pools, water can be a fun activity for you and your newborn to enjoy together. Learn how to help keep your infant safe around water.

Infant in tub head being held by parent

Giving your newborn baby her first bath is a special milestone. Baths are often soothing and can be a wonderful part of your bedtime routine to help calm your baby. Always remember that putting your newborn in or around any amount of water requires constant, one-on-one supervision to keep her safe. It’s a good idea to have all your baby’s bath supplies at arm’s reach before you put your baby in the water. Babies under six months old must not be in deep water. Check these baby bath basics.


Recommendations can vary on when it’s safe for a baby to go into a pool. Consult with your pediatrician about when the time is right for your baby. And remember: infants should never go into hot tubs or jacuzzis.

If you decide to take your newborn to the pool, you or another trusted adult must be with your infant at all times. Babies must always be held securely in a pool for their safety. Even in a floatie or infant safety vest, a baby should never be left alone around water.

Whenever a baby or young child is in or near water, the risk of drowning is always present. But drowning is preventable. If you ever fear your baby is drowning, get him out of the water immediately, call 911, and have someone attempt infant CPR.

When performed correctly, infant CPR can save a baby’s life.

Check out the CPR page to find out more about how you can become trained in CPR.

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