Copy Cat

Babies learn by watching and copying you. Make this a game!

Baby and mother sitting, daughter reaching for mothers cheeks
Supplies List
  • You and your baby

  • Optional: mirror

  1. While next to or in front of your baby, start by making silly facial expressions, sounds, or movements – stick your tongue out, pat your tummy, or make the “mmmmm” sound. Make sure you have your baby’s attention, and say, “Do this!” as she watches you. Your baby will gradually try to copy you. You can help her with the muscle movements to get her started by gently places her body parts where they need to be to copy your movement. Do the same movement several times before trying the next silly thing.

  2. Similarly, watch your baby make her own silly faces and/or sounds and copy what she does. If she shakes her head, shake yours with more energy and maybe add a corresponding sound or word. The more exaggerated you copy her, the better - she’ll want to do it more just to get your reaction.

  3. Sometimes, doing this fun “copy cat” game in front of a mirror is helpful to really see what each other is doing. Your baby may start doing it herself in front of the mirror without you because of how much she likes it.

This activity helps your baby develop motor skills, language skills, and social-emotional skills.

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