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Talking starts by making sounds. Practicing those sounds in fun, silly ways is a great way to help with your baby’s language development!

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Supplies List:
  • You and your baby

  1. Holding your baby close to your face and try to make eye contact.

  2. Press your lips together and hum a single sound, like “Mmmm,” or your favorite song.

  3. As you hum, have your baby touch your mouth and throat to hear the vibrations of the sound.

  4. Try making different sounds or try starting and stopping your humming to see how your baby reacts!

Watching your mouth and face while you make these simple humming sounds teaches your baby how to make sounds that are part of speech. The sillier and more engaged you are with it, the more fun your baby will have!

This activity helps your child develop language, cognitive, social-emotional, and play skills.

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