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Negative effects of physical punishment techniques

Research shows that spanking, hitting, or any physical punishment is harmful to your child, both physically and emotionally. Here you will learn more about the negative effects of physical punishment.

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Decades of research have shown that physical punishment – spanking, hitting, grabbing – are not only ineffective at getting children to change their behavior, but also have many harmful immediate and long-term effects on them. Because physical punishment does not actually help improve a child’s behavior, adults often end up being more and more aggressive and physical with the child as the child’s behavior continue. Physical punishment can lead to children being more aggressive and anti-social as well as more likely to be susceptible to mental illness. Physical punishment teaches children that physical aggression is okay. It does not help them develop positive, effective coping skills to manage negative emotions and situations. Check out Parenting and Behavior Strategies for the age of your child (baby, toddler, preschooler) to find positive ways to discipline your child that work.

…physical punishment of a child stirs up precisely the feelings one does not want. In general, one wants to elicit interest and enjoyment. Physical punishment stirs up distress, anger, fear, and shame.
Dr. Paul HolingerExpert

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