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Earthquake readiness is a fact of life in California. These resources and tips can help your family be prepared.

Mother and daughter practicing earthquake drills

Because of California’s geography, earthquakes can frequently occur. Although you can’t predict when one will hit, you can be prepared ahead of time with these tips:

  • Create and practice a plan for how and where you will go in the event of an earthquake.

  • Prepare a communication plan for who you need to contact when an earthquake happens to ensure your children are safe.

  • Make and store earthquake kits. These should include non-perishable food, baby supplies (diapers, formula, etc.), first aid kit (bandages, ointment, etc.), a flashlight, batteries, and plenty of bottled water.

When an earthquake happens, remember to “Drop, Cover, and Hold”:

  1. Drop: Get down on the ground

  2. Cover: Get under something sturdy

  3. Hold: Hold on to whatever you are under

You should practice Drop, Cover, and Hold with your child, whether that means practicing how you’ll do these steps while holding a newborn, or teaching your preschooler how to follow them on his own.

QUICK TIP: Earthquakes – or even just the thought of them – can make young children feel scared and anxious. Talk about your child’s concerns and questions together. Reassure your child by sharing that you have a plan in place to help keep the whole family safe.

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