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Baby Brain Development
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Your baby’s brain is developing with every activity. Now your baby is out of the newborn phase so you’ve probably noticed your baby is doing more. Here are some specific things to look for your baby doing at this stage in his or her development.

You have the magic to help your baby’s brain grow! Your baby’s brain began developing during pregnancy and has not stopped. So, although a brain is built over time, its most important foundations are developed very early in life. While many factors influence brain development, your regular interactions have the biggest impact – and they include talking, reading, and singing.

Your child’s interest in the world is increasing at this age, with beginning memory and imitation skills developing rapidly.

Things to look for at this age…
  • More deliberate grasping and reaching for objects (food, toys, etc.).

  • Hitting or touching objects to get a response. Try toys such as pop-up and rocking toys, as well as toys that make noise, to watch your baby engage with them to get a reaction via movement or sound.

  • Turning, tearing, and flapping objects. This is your baby exploring objects in different ways to learn about them and how to discover new things.

  • Looking for objects that are partially hidden or out of sight. Cover a toy with a tissue or a towel and see what your baby does.

  • Visually tracking an object as it moves.

  • Imitating simple sounds and actions. Say “da-da” or bang an object on the table – see how your baby starts to copy you. Keep the actions going and see how much your baby can do.

  • Can your baby stir food you are mixing in a bowl after watching you do it? Can your baby scribble on a piece of paper after seeing someone else coloring?

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