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Everyday opportunities for play

Play doesn’t have to be complicated or involve pricey toys. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can find simple, fun opportunities for play that help your baby’s brain grow.

Father playing with kids toys

The moments you spend connecting with your child, no matter how brief or ordinary, are special times you will both cherish. Let playing together be a part of those moments.

The simplest interactions with your child – things like everyday routines and activities – can include elements of play. And remember, if you’re having fun, your child is likely to have fun, too. You’re a team – and you’re doing well together!

Here are some ideas to incorporate play into your everyday routine:

  • Play a quick game of peek-a-boo when you enter your child’s room in the morning or after naptime.

  • Skip together to your child’s classroom or daycare door.

  • Sing into a spoon as you make dinner together.

  • Spin the broom around as you sweep the floor together.

  • Hum a tune while driving in the car, and ask your child to guess what song you are singing.

It doesn’t take much to make everyday moments playful and fun for everyone!

Parent tip: Children can sense when you are having fun. When you choose games and activities that you both enjoy, you’ll be more likely to play them with your child.

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