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Importance of Rest Time

Growing brains need rest time to integrate and process everything learned throughout the day. That’s why the quality of the time with your child is more important than the quantity. Find out more about the positive effect of giving your child (and you!) time to rest.

Dad and newborn sleeping on the couch

If you find yourself asking, “How do I know if I am doing enough?” you are not alone! Being a parent can be challenging, and even though you want to do everything you can for your child, there is only so much time in the day. You both need time to rest. The good news is that brain research shows this too. Your child’s developing brain needs rest time to process everything learned throughout the day. More is not always better – the brain cannot process an overload of stimulation. Quiet time, sleep, and independent play are all important for a child’s brain development. So while you enjoy and enhance those everyday brain-building activities with your child, be sure to build in ample time for your child (and you!) to rest.

Parent Tip: Resting is something your child will learn to do as they grow. You can model good “rest time” activities by reading a book, listening to music or doing a hobby by yourself in front of your kids. When your kids see you do it, they’ll do it too.

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