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Power of Relationships

Relationships are a powerful part of your child’s development, including brain, physical, and social-emotional growth. Find out more on just how relationships with your child impact development.

Father with green shirt holding daughter both smiling

From the time they’re born, babies must count on their parents and caregivers to be their source of safety, security, love, and protection. The relationships children experience within the first five years of life shape their expectations of how others should treat them and how they will interact with others. Relationships are powerful and a critical part of your child’s development.

Boy and girl sitting on kitchen table being hugged by father

The way parents and caregivers respond to children teach them what to expect from others and how to act as they get older. When a newborn cries, a parent’s reaction to the cries (cuddling, singing, kissing) tells the newborn that he or she is cared for and loved. From the ways a parent looks at, holds, and speaks to a child, the child is developing and learning his own social-emotional and behavioral skills as well as how to respond to others in his life. 

Mom tickling son in bed

Check out this video from First 5 Santa Clara County to learn more about how relationships are an important part of early childhood development.

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