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What to Ask When Researching Preschool Options
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As you search for the best preschool to meet your needs, ask the preschool director and staff lots of questions! The more information you have, the more confident you’ll be in making the best decision for your child.

5 kids walking down the hall with teacher

There are three main things to consider when searching for the best preschool for your child: teachers, curriculum, and environment. Here are some questions to ask and things to look for when interviewing preschools:

1. Teachers
  • How long have the teachers worked at the school?

  • Have the teachers ever worked with children who have disabilities?

  • How do the teachers interact with the children?

  • Are the teachers having conversations with the children in their class?

  • Are the teachers actively engaged with the children?

  • How do the teachers communicate with parents? What are the expectations for parents?

  • What are the rules for discipline and behavior?

2. Curriculum
  • Is there a specific curriculum or method (e.g. Montessori) the school uses? If so, have them explain it to you.

  • Are there a variety of activities offered to the children, from solving puzzles to playing outside?

  • Can the teacher tell you not only what the class is doing, but also why they’re doing it?

  • Do they offer services or support for children with disabilities?

  • Will the preschool support children with potty training? What is the school’s policy on potty training?

3. Environment
  • Does the school meet state regulations for teacher-to-child ratios? In general, there should be one teacher for every 10 children.

  • Are the children reading books?

  • What does the physical activity and outdoor time look like daily?

  • Are the school and facilities accessible for children with disabilities?

  • Does the classroom have plenty of books and other educational toys, such as blocks and puzzles?

  • Do they provide snack, breakfast or lunch?

  • Do the children in the classroom seem engaged in activities?

  • Can parents visit the classroom at any time during the day?

  • Is the school clean?

“I love my preschool because my teacher sang songs and taught me how to count to 30!”
-Stella4 years old

Parent Tip: Some preschools offer extended child care that goes beyond typical classroom hours, including early morning and after-school care. Ask the preschool what child-care options they provide in addition to the preschool class.

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