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Importance of Motor Development

Did you know that motor development involves more than movements and muscle growth? Find out what motor development is connected to and why it’s so important.

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Motor development involves physical activities, and your child’s brain is a big part of it. It takes the brain and the body’s muscles to allow these skills to develop, connect and build with all other parts of your child’s development – language, social-emotional, and behavioral.

Motor skills help connect your child to new experiences. Think about it: when your newborn reaches out his tiny hand, that motor movement of reaching attracts your attention and draws you physically and emotionally closer to your baby. You’ll probably respond with a smile and talk . to him. When a preschooler learns how to jump and kick a ball, it allows her to play sports with other kids, opening up her world to a new game, skills, and social activities.

QUICK TIP: Early intervention therapies are available for children whose motor skills have been identified by a doctor as being delayed. Occupational therapy supports fine motor and sensory skill development, while physical therapy supports gross motor development.

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