I Spy
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Toddlers are already exploring their worlds – why not turn it into a game?

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Supplies List:
  • You and your toddler

  1. Tell your toddler that you are going to play a guessing game in which you pick something to find around you.

  2. Start by saying “I spy something…” and pick one characteristic (color, shape, texture, etc.).

  3. Help your toddler find all the things around him that have that one characteristic. For example, “I spy something blue” and find all blue things around you.

  4. As you and your toddler find what you “spy,” describe, touch and experience each thing.

  5. Once you have gathered all the items, count how many of them you found.

  6. Let your toddler take a turn by saying “I spy…” and picking a characteristic too.

  7. Repeat the game by taking turns.

This is a great game to play in the car as a way to keep your toddler happy and engaged!

This activity helps your baby develop motor, language, play, social-emotional, and cognitive skills.

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