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Ice Exploration
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Ice is a cool way to keep busy while learning and having fun. How does it feel? How does it change? A frozen cube of water offers countless learning opportunities!

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Supplies List:
  • Ice cubes

  • Salt

  • Cup or bowl

  • Water

  1. Put a few ice cubes in front of your toddler. Be sure you don’t mind some water splashes!

  2. Let your child hold and feel the ice cubes. Ask your child what it looks, feels, smells, tastes like – describe the experience of your senses together. 

  3. Talk about what happens to your hands after you hold the ice cubes. How do they feel?

  4. Try different things with the ice cube and talk about what happens:

    • Put salt on the ice cube. 

    • Roll the ice cube around in a cup or bowl.

    • Squeeze the ice cube in your hands.

    • Pour water on the ice cube – try different (safe) temperatures of water too! 

This activity helps your child develop sensory, motor, language, cognitive, and early math skills.

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