Match It Up

Preschoolers love challenges – and this memory game is guaranteed to get those gears moving in your child’s brain! By building memory skills one letter or picture at a time, you're helping prepare your child for success in school.

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Supplies list
  • 4 sheets of 8-½ x 11 paper or construction paper

  • Crayons, markers, pens

  • Pair of child-safe scissors

  1. Divide two of the sheets of paper into 8 or 10 squares. On the first piece of paper, draw a different picture in each box, such as an animal, flower, tree, cloud, letter, or number. Draw the same pictures – but in different boxes – on the second sheet of paper. Cut the last two sheets of paper into squares that can be used to cover each picture.

  2. Ask your child to uncover one of the pictures. Look at the picture closely, remember what it is, and then cover it again with the square. Now try to find the same picture on the second piece of paper and remember where it is!

This activity helps your preschooler develop listening skills, memory skills, language skills, motor skills, and attention span.

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