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Obstacle Course

Preschoolers are very active. Help them better coordinate their bodies’ movements by setting up an obstacle course!

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Supplies List
  • Household furniture

  • Toys and/or small objects

  • You!

  1. Set up a few different “stations” in an open area (usually 5 things is enough). Each station should involve a different physical movement. For example, you can put out pillows your preschooler has to jump over. You can lay down a ribbon or string that your preschooler has to walk across in a straight line. Or, you can think of different physical movements that don’t include an object, like jumping jacks, hopping, crawling, spinning, and clapping. Think of movements your preschooler already does with his body.

  2. Once you’ve determined each station’s activities, demonstrate them by going through the obstacle course yourself first. Describe each station out loud and model the activities – have fun with it! Then, help your preschooler get started on his own, reminding him of each station along the way. Repeat the obstacle course, and maybe even try it from different directions each time!

Sample obstacle course:

  1. Jump four times.

  2. Spin in a circle.

  3. Crawl through a tunnel.

  4. Hop between furniture.

This activity helps your preschooler develop motor skills, following directions, and social-emotional skills.

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