Your newborn baby loves looking in a mirror – because staring back is a new person to explore! Try this reflections activity with your newborn.

Male Couple taking selfie with baby
Supplies list
  • A mirror

  1. Place a mirror in front of your newborn. When your baby catches the image of himself, say, “Who is that? It’s you!” You can point out his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Describe what he can see in the mirror. As your newborn moves and makes different expressions, react and describe them so he can match what he sees with the words to describe them.

  2. If your newborn starts to cry, comfort him and say, “I’m sorry that you’re crying. See the tears and the sad face in the mirror.”

This activity helps your newborn develop listening skills, visual tracking skills, imitation skills, motor skills, comprehension skills, attention span, language, emotional understanding, and vocabulary.

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