Chances are, your preschooler has a lot to say. Engaging in conversation with your child is important to keep her language skills growing.

Parents playing with kids using paper cup phones

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  • Your voice!

  1. Include your preschooler in conversations around the house and in the community. Let her voice be heard as you go about your daily life. Ask for her opinion about things. Have her tell you a story or recount her day at school. The more she talks, the better!

  2. As you talk together, make sure you are taking turns. At this age, your child is learning about the back-and-forth dynamic of conversation. It’s okay to remind your child to wait her turn to talk and listen to what other people are saying – it’s all part of learning about how language is used in everyday life. 

  3. Songs and rhymes are also great ways to develop language skills. You can make up songs that rhyme so your preschooler starts to hear the sounds in words.

  4. Remember, you can talk in any language, and switch between different languages. There are so many benefits to dual-language learning.

This activity helps your preschooler develop listening skills, visual tracking skills, comprehension skills, language, and vocabulary.

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