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Preschoolers are active, curious, and eager to learn! Find out what to look for in terms of their behavior and how their minds are quickly expanding at this stage.

Mom Daughter building with colorful blocks

Your preschooler is actively discovering the world around her through her growing mind and skills.

Things to look for at this age:

  • Matching quantities and putting things in order. Have your child put your  kitchen bowls in order from largest to smallest, or put out a big spoon and a small spoon at every seat at the dinner table.

  • Sorting things by color, shape, and/or size.

  • Explaining why things happen. Take the next step from describing things you see and ask your child why something happens or what will happen. For example, when the wind blows, what will happen with the leaves, and why?

  • Expanding play. Watch your child’s imagination grow and get involved by bringing in emotions and words to narrate what you are playing.

  • Dressing self

  • Showing concern and affection for others

  • Understanding ownership – “mine”, “his”, and “her” things

  • Taking turns in games and developing understanding of rules

  • Expressing and feeling lots of big and small emotions

  • Pleasing others

  • Learning on his own. Lots of independence seeking and demanding behavior.

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QUICK TIP: Remember that every preschooler is unique and may develop at different rates. If you're concerned about your child's development in any way, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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