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What are Early Math Skills?

Building the foundation for math skills starts when your child is a baby. Beyond counting, early math concepts are a part of many everyday activities and skills – and chances are, you’re already doing a lot of them!

Boy using snacks to learn how to count

We all know the importance of early literacy. But what about early math (also known as numeracy)?

Just like talking and reading with your young child on a regular basis builds language and literacy skills, engaging in activities surrounding counting, shapes, sizes, and other things gives your child a head start in math. It helps open the doors for more success in Kindergarten and beyond.

But learning math skills isn’t just about identifying numbers and learning how to count. It includes engaging in simple activities like sorting, stacking, pouring, and building – things your child is probably doing already.

Kids using paper apple cut outs to learn math

Learning about shapes and colors are early math concepts that your child likely engages in throughout the day. Look around the room – you’ll probably find that simple math concepts are everywhere in your child’s everyday environment and routine more than you realized.

Check out activities that support early math skills for your child from birth through age five.

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