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Beyond the Words: Storytelling with Your Child

Reading goes far beyond the written words on a page. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your child while engaging in language together. Storytelling is a wonderful way to do this, and it doesn’t require a book – only your voice and your imagination.

Mom and daughter in fort making hand shadows

“Mama, can you tell me a story?” Children love hearing stories of all kinds, whether they’re in the form of written words or through conversation.

Storytelling is a great way to expose your child to language while connecting emotionally (through bonding and special, one-on-one time), and physically (through snuggles, cuddles, and hugs). If you have trouble reading yourself, don’t let that stop you and your child from enjoying all the benefits that come from telling stories.

Storytelling can take many forms – it can be a way for your child to think about and remember what happened during the day, or it can transport your child to an imaginary land with mythical creatures. Remember, your child loves hearing your voice and whatever story you come up with.

Encourage your older children to make up and share their own stories with you and the rest of the family!

QUICK TIP: Storytelling is an ancient practice that involves sharing stories of ancestors, heritage, and family history. By telling these stories aloud, the beliefs and experiences of a group of people were carried on through time. So, when grandma and grandpa or other older relatives come to visit or spend time with your child, encourage them to share stories about their own lives, too!

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