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First 5 California Statement on Aggression, Hate and Violence Against Asian American and Pacific Islander Americans

First 5 California is committed to helping families achieve equality and justice.

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First 5 California condemns the recent rise in aggression, hate and violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander Americans. We stand in solidarity with those that have been targeted and attacked, and with families, children, and communities against all forms of racial injustice.

Racism is systemic and a public health issue that deeply affects our communities and disproportionately harms the physical, emotional, and socio-economic wellbeing of our communities of color. From the moment they’re born, all babies come into the world with hearts filled with love, hope, optimism, and acceptance. Our collective responsibility is to provide opportunities for those qualities to flourish for all of California’s children.

Every act of hate and racism destroys opportunities for children to develop and grow. First 5 California is committed to working alongside our partners throughout the state and across the nation to make certain we provide the support and resources necessary for children and families of color to be safe, to be healthy, and to thrive.

Seeing adverse events in the news can be troubling or traumatic. Here are a few resources to help parents talk with their children about them:

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Beyond the Golden Rule A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice

How to Respond to Violence, Hate, and Racism

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