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MILESTONES. Motor Skills: Big & Small Body Movements
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Your baby is on the move! Check out the motor developments you can look for at this age.

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Between four to 11 months of age, babies experience a surge in motor growth. Look for these motor skills:

  • Rolling from side to side

  • Beginning to reach for things

  • Sitting up without support

  • Pushing up on hands and knees

  • Beginning to crawl

  • Picking up and eating finger foods

  • Pulling self up and standing, then beginning to walk while holding onto furniture, and then walking on her own. (The typical range for learning to walk independently is nine to 18 months old.)

  • Pushing legs against things

  • Bringing hands to mouth

  • Shaking and holding things

  • Holding head up without support

  • Using index finger with more control

  • Reaching for wanted objects

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QUICK TIP: Remember that every baby is unique and may develops at different rates. If you're concerned about your child's development in any way, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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