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Motor Skills: Big and Small Body Movements
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Your preschooler can do more and more with her body! See what motor skills to look for at this age.

Boy & Girl cutting and drawing in paper

From big body movements like playing sports, to small muscle activities like writing letters, preschoolers are learning to do a lot more with their bodies. Here is what you can expect at this age:

  • Walking up and down stairs one foot at a time

  • Using larger writing tools, like fat crayons, and holding them in a writing position

  • Balancing on one foot for a few seconds

  • Skipping, throwing a ball overhand

  • Drawing stick figures showing head, body, and legs

  • Turning book pages one at a time

  • Turning door handles

  • Jumping and climbing with better balance

  • Buttoning with large and small buttons

  • Dressing self.

  • Pouring liquids from cup/pitcher

  • Catching a ball

  • Running easily and smoothly

  • Beginning or independently using the bathroom

  • Eating by him/herself with the appropriate utensils.

  • Riding a tricycle or bicycle with training wheels (remember to use a helmet!)

For more information and videos, click here.

QUICK TIP: Remember that every preschooler is unique and may develops at different rates. If you're concerned about your child's development in any way, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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