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Drop & Pick Up

Chances are, your baby enjoys to drop things and watch them fall. Did you know that you can make this simple activity even more engaging and educational? Find out how dropping and picking up things can be a fun way to help your baby’s brain grow.

Baby with toy ball

Supplies list
  • Any soft objects and/or toys

  1. Help your baby learn the concept of sequencing through the act of dropping and picking up toys. Allow your little one to drop a toy from the crib or high chair. Then, go ahead and pick it up and place it where it was. Chances are very good that this activity will repeat – because babies adore this predictable sequence of events!

  2. Be silly with it, too. You can have a big reaction when the toy gets dropped: “Oh, no!” Your baby may laugh when she sees you having fun with it and will want to do it again and again.

  3. If the toy is someplace where your baby can reach, have your baby pick up the toy too. Let your baby hand it back to you so he can start to learn the back-and-forth engagement between two people. This is the beginning of your baby learning reciprocal interactions as part of their social development.

This activity helps your baby develop listening skills, visual tracking skills, imitation skills, motor skills, comprehension skills, attention span, social skills, emotional understanding, language, and vocabulary.

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