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Floor is Lava
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Stuck inside? Take your obstacle course to the next level with this fun version.

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Supplies List:
  • furniture, pillows, household objects big enough to stand on

  • open space

  1. Find an open space where you and your child can easily move around (living room, etc.)

  2. Put pillows and other objects on the ground between pieces of furniture.

  3. Tell your child to pretend the floor is “lava,” so they cannot touch the floor with their bodies.

  4. Mark one spot in the room as the starting spot and one spot the ending or goal spot.

  5. Take turns walking on the furniture, pillows and objects to get from the starting spot to the ending spot. If any part of your body touches the “lava,” then you have to start at the beginning again.

  6. Talk to each other as you are navigating the obstacle course and encourage each other to make it to the end!

If your child wants more of a challenge, time each other as you make it through the obstacle course. Who can get to the end fastest? Which path is the best way to get to the end spot?

This activity helps your child develop motor skills, sensory skills, social-emotional skills, and language development skills.

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