Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a classic game that preschoolers love to play. Here you’ll learn how it helps with your child’s development.

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  1. Help your preschooler learn the concept of finding hidden things (or people!) and learn problem-solving skills by playing Hide and Seek.

  2. In a safe place, begin by having your preschooler hide while you count. Cover your eyes and count to 10, then say, “Ready or not, here I come!” Describe your “seeking” process out loud so your preschooler hears you looking for her. You can say, “I’m looking in the closet. Is she there? No! Where else could she be?” Don’t take too long to find your child to ensure she stays engaged in the game. When you find your child, tickle her and say, “Found you! Now who is next to hide?”

  3. Get creative with your hiding spots! The harder they are to find, the more your child has to think and problem solve.

This activity helps your preschooler develop listening skills, early math skills, imitation skills, motor skills, comprehension skills, attention span, social skills, emotional understanding, and language skills.

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