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You are your baby’s favorite toy and jungle gym. Making yourself into an animal your baby can “ride” is sure to get some good giggles and smiles.

Mother and son wearing yellow doing yoga

Supplies List
  • A mat, soft blanket, or soft, clean surface

  • You!

  1. Find a soft, clean surface to lay down on. Place your baby sitting up on your hips or against your bent knees. Bounce your baby up and down as you hold him upright. Pretend to be a horse or any animal by making the animal’s sounds. As you are bouncing your baby, you can say, “Giddy up horsey. Giddy up horsey. Go, go, go!”

  2. You can be as wild of an animal as you want! To catch your baby’s attention, stop and have your baby anticipate or ask you to start moving again. You can also change the rhythm and speed of your movements.

  3. Another fun horsey activity is “falling.” You start by sitting upright with your baby on your lap and then “fall” slowly backwards with your baby safely lying on your chest. Repeat this. Your baby may start pushing back on your chest to tell you he wants you to fall back more. If you notice this, you can say, “You want more? Ready, set, go!”

This activity helps your baby develop motor skills, anticipation skills, and social-emotional skills.

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