Help expand your toddler’s budding vocabulary by introducing her to new words every day. How? By engaging in conversation together! The more you talk with your toddler, the more his language skills – and brain – grow.

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  • Your voice!


Let’s get talking!

  1. Engage your toddler in your everyday activities. Narrate what you are doing – from brushing your teeth to selecting food at the grocery store. Say out loud everything you are doing.

  2. Ask your toddler questions about what he thinks, or what he wants. Your child is starting to say words and put them together at this stage, so let his voice be heard. Offer your toddler two choices to pick from if he doesn’t quite have the words yet. What does he want to do next? Does he want to go outside or inside?

  3. When your toddler makes sounds to try to form words, guess what he is trying to say by saying it out loud. For example, if your toddler points to the dog and says, “Da!” You can say, “Dog. This is our dog Max. He is a fun doggy to play with.” By doing this, you’re helping your toddler form new words and gain his voice.

  4. Songs and rhymes are a great way to develop language skills. Sprinkle in simple melodies throughout your day, and talk about the songs you’re singing together.

  5. Remember, you can talk in any language, and switch between different languages. There are so many benefits to dual-language learning.

This activity helps your toddler develop listening skills, visual tracking skills, comprehension skills, language, and vocabulary.

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